From Pole to Podium, Vettel wins Indian GP

In what can only be termed as a pure show of class and determination, Sebastian Vettel not only managed to get Pole Position at the First Ever Formula 1 Grand Prix held in India, but also won it yesterday.

A win I am sure most of the drivers wanted to score, since it not only adds points to their score sheet, but also puts them down in the history as the first ever F1 Driver to do that in India.


So even though there were plenty of Ferrari Fans:


And even more Force India Fans


In the end, it was the Red Bull fans, who could walk proud.


I on the other hand, was happy to not only have witnessed the First Ever Indian Formula 1 Grand Prix, but had also come out smiling due to all the wonderful photographs I got to shoot and see Sebastian Vettel win (whom I was cheering for).

Can’t wait to go back there next year and eagerly awaiting for MotoGP to arrive in India as well :).


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