Petrol prices to go up, again!

It seems our Government is hell bent on pushing us in to a situation where we are either forced to take loans to tank up at the petrol bunks or look for alternate sources of energy to power our cars and bikes or bring about a revolution, because it seems to be more occupied with full filling the whims and fancies of the so called nationalized petroleum companies, who are supposed to be running into losses worth thousands of crores and yet, manage to give fat bonuses and pay checks to their staff!

And these “Nationalized Oil Companies” are complaining again, claiming they are now losing Rs. 1.82 per liter of petrol, even though petrol prices are pretty much at the same place as they were in September, when they had gone ahead and hiked the rate of petrol by Rs. 3.14 per liter or by around 4.92%, citing weakening of Rupee against the Dollar as the primary reason.

Heck, these petroleum companies have gone ahead and hiked the price of petrol by Rs. 10.97 this year, a whopping increase of 19.63% or an astonishing 27%, if we take in to consideration the price of petrol a year ago on the same day!

With another fuel hike (it is just a matter of when, not if), this is going to pinch the pocket of the middle class once again and just compel people to go in for the Diesel powered Cars and SUVs or convert their vehicles to run on CNG or LPG, which of course isn’t really an option for a person using a two wheeler for commuting, who in all likelihood, belongs to lower middle class and hence would be the hardest hit!

Of course there isn’t much we can do as of now, but to rant in the manner I have done and hope that maybe, just maybe, our political overlords will wake up from their deep slumber and do something about it, till then I can only wish and hope that the price hike comes after my trip to Pushkar, so that I can at least save Rs. 43 (should be enough for breakfast) during this relatively short ride, which even on a motorcycle, will cost me around Rs. 1600 just in fuel cost!


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