All set for Pushkar Camel Fair 2011

In a matter of hours, I would be leaving for Pushkar with Nitin, Narender, RK Bharat, Rajiv, Vicky and a friend of his.

It’s been 3 years since I last visited Pushkar and that trip was a memorable one and one of the most photographically satisfying one for me. This time around I have a DSLR and I think my photography skills too have improved somewhat, so it remains to be seen, how well I am able to leverage them.

Also this time around, I wouldn’t be riding my motorcycle to Pushkar; instead I would be going as a passenger in Vicky’s Mercedes ML350 CDI SUV, which ought to be a unique experience as well.

For now it is time to head to bed and try catch around half an hour of sleep, before I start getting ready for my travel, will try and post updates while I am on the road and once at Pushkar, though it all depends on my lazy attitude and mobile internet connectivity.


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