Started writing Pushkar Travelogue

I have been working on my Pushkar Travelogue since yesterday and have so far written first parts of it, with the real challenge being, which images to leave out, since there are just so many wonderful images I managed to take during this wonderful trip.

Thankfully there is another dedicated thread for Pushkar Photographs as well, which will absorb majority of the photographs I am forced to leave out of my travelogue.

Here are the links to the travelogue as well as the dedicated photo thread, which hasn’t yet seen much action, but will see it soon enough.

An unofficial trip to Pushkar Camel Fair 2011 (Part-1 and Index)

5th November 2011, arrival at Pushkar and RTDC Hotel Sarovar

5th November 2011, Pushkar Mela Ground

Pushkar Camel Fair 2011, photos


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