Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i problems

It’s been just over couple of months, since I bought my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i and it would be heading to the service center soon!

I had bought my Xperia Mini ST15i with the hope that I would be able to put it to good use, by doing some live blogging during my trips as well as controlling each and every aspect of my sites, without ever having to bother with lugging my laptop again and I had hoped to do just that during my recent trip to Pushkar.

Sadly, this wasn’t the case!

The infamous and what now seems like widely spread issue of back button getting activated on its own, whenever the phone gets even moderately warm (which it does quite easily), has appeared on my phone as well. Earlier I had encountered it on a few occasion and thought nothing of it, as it just seemed like a random problem, but it wasn’t!

During my trip, on multiple occasions, I could not do live blogging or for that matter, even browse websites, because the back button on my Xperia Mini would start working on its own, exiting applications and webpages, and even prevent me from replying to posts and emails by repeatedly going back to the previous page. Something which has become even more acute now, with the problem appearing a lot earlier than it used to, literally rendering my 2 month old Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i useless!

Then there is the issue of battery, while I can live with the idea of short battery life, what baffles me is the fact that the phone switches itself off, at times even when there is 25% charge remaining! Like it happened today, when I was trying to watch a Youtube video and just before that, I saw that there was 25% battery left. 30 seconds in to the video and phone displayed less than 1% charge remaining warning and switched itself off! When I plugged the phone into the charger and restarted it, it showed 26% battery life remaining!

If there was indeed 25% battery remaining, then why did the phone switched off in the first place?

I have also seen this happen earlier, though mostly it was around 10-15% battery level, but a phone switching off with 25% battery remaining is plain ridiculous!

Calling up Sony Ericsson Support didn’t really help, though I did get the details of their Raja Garden service center, which I would likely be visiting tomorrow or on Monday, since I am right now down with fever and cold.

But one thing is certain, I have seriously lost faith in Sony Ericsson and also somewhat in Android (more on that later) and nothing short of a fantastic and prompt customer service at Sony Ericsson’s Raja Garden Service Center would be able to shake that feeling away, which I have to say, doesn’t really looks that bright a prospect!

Seriously contemplating on cutting my losses and selling off the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i and buying a Nokia E5 or maybe even Blackberry!

Update: This problem is easily remedied at the Sony Service Center, as they just need to recalibrate the capacitive buttons, which takes less than half an hour and the problem disappears.


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