Trying to lose some weight, again!

Well I am at it again, trying to shed a few kilos before my upcoming trip to Ladakh and also become a little bit fitter in the process. Since walking at such a high altitude is always a huge effort and with the onset of winter and subzero temperature, it is going to be a lot tougher.

While I will be going on a diet (well mostly cutting down on cold drink, biscuits and oily food) as well starting to do at least some weight training as well, I have decided to add weight reducing pills to the foray as well.

In the past I have used them couple of time with mild success, and although this time around I am using a different fat burner than before, I am hopeful that it will be able to give me that extra edge that I am looking for.

The one I ordered from HealthKart yesterday is Muscletech’s Hydroxycut Advanced Capsules and although it is pretty cheap (comparatively speaking), I am hoping it would be sufficient for now and help me shed at least couple of kilos.

Happy to say that I have already received the capsules and have started eating them, will update from time to time on my progress.


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