Ladakh Winter Trip, Santa comes early!

With just 18 days to go for my Ladakh Winter Trip, it is time to get all the supplies and things in order, so I have been rather busy for past couple of weeks, buying and ordering stuff, mostly online and mostly for photography.

As of today, I have the following things ordered, which are either en route or are about to be shipped:

1x Canon LP-E5 Battery for my Canon EOS 1000D DSLR
1x aftermarket BG-E5 Battery Grip for my Canon EOS 1000D DSLR
1x Cokin 121S Square GND Filter
1x aftermarket square filter holder
1x aftermarket 58mm lens ring to mount the filter
1x Hoya HMC 52mm UV C Filter
1x Hoya HMC 58mm UV C Filter
1x Benro T-800EX Tripod
6x AA Sony Cycle Energy Pre Charged AA Batteries
1x Temperature and Humidity Meter
1x Lotus Herbal SPF Sunscreen Gel

Of course this does not includes the stuff I had already bought last month and add to that, before this weekend is over, I would have likely bought a warm cap, gloves, goggles and maybe even a new pair of shoes as well.

I also need to get my DSLR’s sensor cleaned and also get my mobile phone fixed before the trip, as I will need the GPS feature of it.

I also need to figure out tons of stuff, not least of it is how to get all the equipment to Ladakh safely and how to ensure smooth administration of all the websites and blogs I run, in my absence.


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