An Open Letter to Canon India

Dear Canon India,

I am one of the unfortunate customers of your Canon Imaging Products, having first bought a Canon A720IS, followed by a Canon EOS 1000D, 50mm f1.8 and 55-250IS lens.

Today when I am getting ready for one of the most important trips of my life (Winter in Ladakh), I find that I am being pushed to either forego of the idea of taking my Canon DSLR with me or shell out almost twice of what a Nikon D7000 (a camera which costs 3 times more than the 1000D) user would, to purchase an original spare battery from Canon India, which funnily enough, wouldn’t even have a single day of warranty!

Am I to believe that a brand new Canon 1000D body is only worth Rs. 8,575 (if one takes out Rs. 10,000 for the lens, Rs. 3800 for the battery and Rs. 2,500 for the charger and Rs. 275 for the memory card)?

Heck if I were to take the real world pricing of the 1000D and not what is mentioned on your website, then the 1000D body would only be worth Rs. 4,425 and that too when it comes with free sensor cleaning, DSLR beginner class and a free bag!

If this is true, then please let me know, when and where I can drop in and buy a 1000D body (of course minus the charger, battery and memory card) for the above mentioned amount, because in any case, from the looks of it, I would be forced to buy an aftermarket battery, for the price which a Nikon user pays for an original battery. So I might as well get two, one for my existing camera and one for the 1000D body you are about to sell to me, for Rs. 4,425.

If this isn’t the case and you like any sane and understanding person believe, that pricing is over the top, then please do let me know, where I can buy an original Canon battery for my DSLR, at a sane and reasonable price!

If neither of it is possible, then please do share your views on which Nikon DSLR you believe is the best at the moment and I should buy, to replace my Canon EOS 1000D, because I do not believe, in such a scenario, a Canon DSLR would be able to serve my purpose for much longer and I might as well jump ship, before it’s too late!

Lovingly yours,
A Canon EOS 1000D Owner and perspective buyer of either a reasonably priced battery or appropriately priced 1000D body.
Yogesh Sarkar

Ps. This is an open letter, and is thus being posted on my personal blog, as well as a travel forum and a photography forum I run.

Update: Have received the following reply from Canon India “At the same time we at Canon India wish to appraise you that we are working at all possiblities to rationalise prices for accessories in tune with the international pricing & the same will be implemented within 2 months.”

Update 2: True to their word, Canon India had eventually slashed price of the battery by nearly half. Bringing it on par with international prices.


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