Ladakh Winter Trip Travelogue

I have finally managed to complete the travelogue of my Winter Trip to Ladakh, from which I returned on the 1st of January.

In the travelogue, I have not only tried to share my travel story, but also the experience I gained while traveling in Ladakh in the peak of winter and also tried to include other important details related to accommodation, transportation, food and even the cost of various things.

This of course was my first real “landscape photography trip” (Pushkar was mostly about portraits) and although photographing landscape in -15 Degree Celsius or so is tough to say the least and handling camera with the gloves on is next to impossible and shooting with the gloves off is painful to the say the least, I believe I did get some decent results.


Over the next few days, I will try and share a few more of the details and my experience, which I believe I haven’t written in the travelogue, in a bid to ensure that those planning to head to Ladakh in Winter, can learn from my experience and are able to make their travel, that much easier and fun in the first attempt itself.

Enough of the babbling, here is a link to my travelogue, let me know what you think, A Tourist’s Tale of Winter in Ladakh.


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