Google still rocks!

Lately, there has been way too much talk of Facebook giving stiff competition to Google, changing search forever and what not. But as I found out today, Google still rocks, even when it comes to finding how to use Facebook’s features properly!

To cut a long story short, I had been looking to add a welcome tab to my Photography Page on Facebook and even after glancing through the Facebook FAQ and trying to make sense of all the gibberish, I was getting nowhere!

That was until yesterday, when I finally decided to Google “how to create a tab for Facebook Page” and on the first page itself, I found a pretty easy method to add a custom tab, without any bloat or anything! Heck in couple of minutes flat, my welcome tab was up and running (since I had already created a collage earlier).

In case you are like me, who had been searching for ways to add a welcome tab then here is how to go about it:

Search for Static FBML on Facebook.

Once on its app page, click on “Add to my page” and then choose the page you want to add it to.

Then on your Facebook Page, go to settings and under that, Apps.

FBML App would be listed there, click on Go To App and now you can change the name of the tab, as well as add content to that tab (HTML works).

Afterwards click on save and once again go to the settings of your Facebook Page and head to Manage Permissions section.

Here, in front of “Default Landing Tab:”, chose the new tab you have created and voila, you now not only have a welcome tab, but also one which opens up when someone opens your Facebook Page, thus making it look professional.

For those who are interested in what collage I added and aren’t able to access Facebook, here is what it looks like:

Yogesh Sarkar's Photography Page


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