LensPen LP-1 review

I have been using LensPen LP-1 to clean my camera filters and lenses for past few months.

I had first decided to order one, when I got fed up of trying to remove finger print from my Hoya UV filter. I mean I could remove it successfully, but the process was not only cumbersome and time consuming, but also harsh enough to have left scratches behind (which thankfully it didn’t).

lenspen-lp-1 So ultimately I decided to opt for LensPen (it’s chamois tip has a non-liquid cleaning compound (carbon based) that is supposed to absorbs oily residues and contaminates), which as far as I knew, was used by majority of professional shooters and even lens rental companies and was thus worth considering.

However, despite that, when I first got my hands on the Lenspen LP-1, I was slightly hesitant to use it on my precious lenses and Hoya filter and thus decided to test it out on the Rs. 50 UV filter I had gotten for free with my camera. Even though LensPen is a dry cleaning method, it managed to clean the filter far better than combination of water and lint free cloth could and didn’t seem to leave any scratches or residue behind.

So in the past few months, I have regularly cleaned my UV and CPL filters and even the front elements of my lenses with LensPen LP-1 and thus far haven’t faced any issue. In fact I used it daily while traveling in Ladakh, since a combination of dust and lint (lots of static energy around, due to being laden with woolens) would form each day on the CPL and UV filter and just wouldn’t go away, even after a through application of bulb type blower I was carrying.

Thankfully, LensPen used to remove every bit of it and I didn’t really had to worry about all that grit impacting the quality of my photographs or worse still, showing up as dust spots.

Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with it. Though I wouldn’t really recommend any one using LensPen, without first using a bulb type blower to blow the larger particles away, which might just scratch the filter or worst still, then lens!


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