Kodak files for bankruptcy!

Just came across the news today that Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in US.

It is kind of sad to see one of the great camera companies of yesteryear, particularly one which helped bring photography to the masses and developed the first commercial DSLR, file for bankruptcy. But in a way, it also underlines the stiff competition which exists today in the digital photography world, where one not only needs to innovate and come up with new products often to keep up with the competition, but also in a way predict what the future of digital photography would be and come up with products which really appeal to them.

While I have only owned and used couple of Kodak cameras in my life, one of them happens to be my first real digital camera, CX7430, which I will always remember for allowing me to capture some really memorable photographs during my first three trips to Ladakh and the solo ride to Spiti.

Although now at times it shoots photos with a pink cast and haven’t really seen much if any action in past three years or so, photographs I shot from it are viewed by thousands of people each month and really nurtured my love for photography and made it stronger than ever.

Ladakh through Kodak

And this is what I would remember Kodak most for, and I sincerely hope that they are able to restructure the company and make a comeback; I know I wouldn’t mind getting another camera from the great Eastman Kodak Company :).


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