Happy 63rd Republic Day

I would like to wish all the readers of my blog a very Happy Republic Day.

A day which is not only just another holiday for us to kick back and relax or travel, but also a day when we must remember those, who struggled hard for the Independence of India and literally brought the nation back from the brink and gave it a direction and the push necessary to get it on its way.

While we complain and crib about the state of affair and how draconian, inefficient and corrupt our system is, we often forget that it is now our job to take control of the matters and ensure progress and prosperity, not only in our lives and that of our loved ones, but also in the way our nation works and progresses.

We owe this to not only those who struggled to achieve independence, but also our loved ones and the next generation.

So let’s stop cribbing for a moment and start doing our bit to make a difference, however little or insignificant it is.

Jai Hind!


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