Canon 5D Mark III, coming soon?

It has become almost a daily occurrence that I am seeing rumors about the impending launch of the Canon 5D Mark III and varying specification lists are coming to the foray, with the latest hinting at a 22 megapixel sensor and 7.5fps burst rate.

While I have no idea, how much of this is true, however since I am planning and hoping to add Canon 5D Mark III to my kit sooner or later, I do hope Canon gives the 5D Mark III the following updates to make it a much better option than 5D Mark II, at least for me!

Here is my Canon 5D Mark III wish list:

  • Better dynamic range.
  • More usable ISO range.
  • 7D’s focusing system or something better i.e. 19 Cross Type AF points with better and faster AF during Liveview and Video.
  • 5fps burst rate while shooting RAW with a buffer good enough for at least 20 RAW images.
  • 100% Optical View Finder Coverage with 1x magnification.
  • Bigger and higher resolution LCD screen.
  • Dual memory card slots, with preferably 1 CF Slot and 1 SDHC slot and with ability to use the secondary card for backing up images in JPEG.
  • Radio Transmitter for controlling flashes (not that high in priority list).

Of course it is anybody’s’ guess, what Canon will decide to include in the 5D Mark III and what it decides to leave out, in order to make the 7D replacement and 1Dx looking as delicious as they look at the moment in comparison to Canon 5D Mark II.


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