BCMTouring Travelogue of the Year 2011

Hunt is on to find BCMTouring’s Travelogue of the Year 2011 and with several hundred new travelogues added last year by fellow BCMTians, it is no easy task!

It is also the time when best of the best come to the fore and members as well as the moderation team gets to see some of the really jaw dropping, hair raising and enchanting travelogues, which we might have otherwise missed. That is one of the reason, I eagerly await each year for January to arrive and for the hunt to begin.

Of course this year (like always) we have gone ahead and tweaked the rules a bit. Well, actually we have completely flipped the rules upside down and come up with a new format to lessen the pain and tension for the members and raise it several times for the moderation team, who would now be forced to pick 10 travelogues as best of the category/region, which is going to be no easy task, especially due to the love and passion with which BCMTians share their experiences, which not only reflects in the writing itself, but also in the photographs.

So come be a part of the hunt, and let us know, which travelogues took your breath away by participating in the Nomination Round of BCMTouring’s Travelogue of the Year 2011.


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