Ninite, bulk application installer review

Due to HDD failure, I had to reinstall windows yesterday on my desktop. This not only meant I had to swap out the HDD and reload the OS, but also reinstall the applications I normally use.

Anyone who has gone through the process would probably know, how time consuming and boring it is, especially when it comes to installing light weight but essential applications like Firefox, Chrome, Flash, VLC player etc. since you not only have to reinstall them, but also visit their individual or download websites to download the latest version and install them.

So this time around, I decided to use Ninite application installer, which lets users chose applications they want to install (from a select variety), and creates an exe which then downloads and installs all the chosen software without any further user intervention or need for babysitting!

Since I was using Ninite for the first time, I was a little apprehensive about how it would actually work and whether or not it would actually be able to do as advertised. And to my pleasant surprise, out of the 17 applications I chose to download and install through Ninite, only 1, Adobe Reader couldn’t be installed, while the installation of others went smoothly and that too without the usual junk toolbars some of the free applications try to load on to the system!

For a free product, Ninite not only worked wonderfully, but also made me wonder, why didn’t someone else came up with this earlier (or at least I heard about it earlier)?

Overall, a big thumbs up and thanks to the team behind Ninite for making OS reloads a little less painful.


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