Yogesh Sarkar.com completes six years

Today, YogeshSarkar.com completes 6 years of its online journey.

A journey, which has not only seen it evolve in many ways over the years, but has also given me a platform to polish my writing and evolve as a writer and blogger.

During these 6 years, I have made 742 blogposts (on average, 1 blogpost every 3 days), which have received 2,261 comments and even though at the end of the day this is a personal blog and site, and these days even majority of my travelogues are published on BCMTouring.com, it still manages play host to over 25,000 unique visitors each month and this number is growing by the day and I hope to double the figure by the end of this year.

So over the next year, expect to see a lot more frequent updates and maybe even an update on the look and feel of the blog (which hasn鈥檛 been updated in past couple of years).

Oh yes, thanks for visiting this YogeshSarkar.com and reading my usual bantering, especially if you are an Enfield owner :D.


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