Bought a Dell U2412M IPS Monitor

Today I got the delivery of Dell U2412M LED Monitor, which I had ordered last month, after my 17” LG CRT monitor started giving me problem.

Dell U2412M is a 24” 16:10 aspect ratio E-IPS monitor and although it isn’t wide gamut by any stretch of the imagination, I feel it is still a decent choice for editing photographs (as long as you are working in sRGB color space) as well as watching movies, browsing and other tasks. Add to that it is also quite attractively priced, though I did get even better deal thanks to a fellow BCMTian working for Dell India.

I love the screen real estate as well as the bumped up resolution and in particular 16:10 aspect ratio which ensures that there is more vertical real estate to play with, especially while editing photographs and browsing the web.


Overall I am pretty happy and would follow this up with a proper review after I have had the option to play with it for a few weeks.


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  1. Swapneel Shah March 7, 2012
  2. Yogesh Sarkar March 7, 2012

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