FY 2011-12 Investment Overview

FY 2011-12 was the first year when I started investing in something other than my immediate business and I am happy to report, that I managed to actually beat it slightly. Though I did end up with far less cash reserves than what I had hoped for and for that matter, had, at the end of FY 2010-11.

But the best thing was, I managed to go debt free and no longer pay the extremely high credit card interest that I used to pay at the beginning of this financial year, even though I spent almost 50% more on credit card this year!

Second best news was, that even though I didn’t really planed it this precisely, but I managed to reach a nice enough diversification in my portfolio with 59% of my investment ending up in Equity Mutual Funds, 29% in PPF and 12% in Gold Mutual Fund.


Third good news was that despite a lot of turbulence in the market, all my investment grew over the year and I didn’t actually ended up in red, though at one time, it certainly looked like I would.

For FY2012-13, I have gone ahead and revised my targets and I am hoping to invest directly in to the stock market as well, rather than going through the mutual funds. Which can be a lot more risky in the short term, but I guess if I don’t take risks now, then I wouldn’t really be able to take them at a later stage.

So hopefully, my FY2012-13 Investment Overview would be as cheerful as this one and I would be able to achieve the targets I have set in my mind.


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