Kargil – Zanskar Valley road reopens (2012)

J&K Administration today announced the reopening of the Kargil – Zanskar Valley road, which connects the district headquarter Kargil with the town of Padum in Zanskar Valley.

Road between Kargil and Padum is closed during the winter months due to snow accumulation at various points along the route and generally reopens in the month of the May or June.

Reopening of this route early on, in a way signifies the relatively warmer climate and less snowfall Ladakh and Zanskar Valley has received this year. Which although means faster reopening of routes for traders and tourists alike, but also means more hardships for farmers and those dependent upon the numerous streams and rivers fed by the accumulated winter snow and glaciers in the region.

Photo of Drang Drung Glacier in Zanskar Valley, with the Kargil – Padum road in the foreground.


Having said that, at the moment few if any tourists would be able to visit Zanksar Valley due to both Srinagar – Leh and Manali – Leh routes be completely closed and flights being the only way to reach Ladakh at the moment.

Those who are planning to visit Zanksar Valley, check out the Zanskar Valley Travel Guide I wrote a while back.


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