Letsbuy.com pathetic customer service and ethos!

Recently I ordered a Canon lens worth Rs. 47,525 from Letsbuy.com, hoping for a similar shopping experience as earlier, which had been mostly positive.

However, I was in for a surprise this time around.

Few days after placing the order and still no confirmation of order shipment, I got the info that quite a few lenses were now showing as out of stock on Letsbuy.com and when I went and checked, surely enough, the lens I had order, was also coming as out of stock!

Based on this, I sent an email to Letsbuy.com customer care, asking them when would they be able to ship my Lens and after having received no replies for 24hours, I called up their customer service helpline at 0124 4901234. Here I was informed by Letsbuy’s customer service that my lens was with their logistics team and they will be shipping it out in the next day or two!

After few hours I received an email as well, stating;

“Thank you for placing an order with Letsbuy.com. We would like to inform you that your order #LSB-1059203 has been forwarded to our Supply Management team and it will be dispatched within the estimated time frame 4-7 working days) as mentioned on our website. As soon as our Dispatch team allocates your product(s) to our Logistics team, the information regarding the shipping details will be sent to you on your registered e-mail address for your convenience.”

Which is sort of contradictory, but still I decided to wait for the next couple of days.

With still no information of product shipment, I went ahead and sent an email to their customer service last night and called them up a few minutes ago, only to be informed that my order cannot be fulfilled, since they are unable to source the lens! Now the order would have to be cancelled and refund request generated, which will take 24-48hours, after which the refund itself would take anywhere from 7-21 days to complete!

When I asked, why wasn’t I informed of this earlier when I called or later when they discovered this issue, there was no satisfactory reply they could field.

My request for the call to be escalated to a supervisor was denied on the grounds that there were none available, even though I could hear in the background, a person coaching the service rep talking to me!

So at the end of the day, all this hoopla means, that not only I will not be getting the lens I had order, but since they wasted time instead of coming clean earlier, the refund would likely come after my credit card bill is generated and I would end up paying for a product, that I know, isn’t going to delivered to me!

What’s worse is the fact that it’s not only me, but numerous people on Letsbuy’s Facebook page, who are complaining about the same issue, without getting any response from them!

Guess having sold the company to Flipkart, Letsbuy is looking to scale back on its operations by going ahead and pissing off repeat customers!

Of course as far as I am concerned, this is the last time I have ordered anything from Letsbuy.com and would seriously evaluate any further purchase decision from Flipkart as well (now its parent company), seeing the way they chose to keep me in dark, till the 7 working day dispatch promise expired!


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