Mana Pass conquered on motorcycles!

Mana Pass also known as Dungri La is located ahead of Mana Village (near Badrinath) in Uttarakhand and has now become the Highest Motorable Road in the World with an altitude of 18,399ft, beating Khardung La (18,380ft) which held the title earlier.

While until now, few if any civilians had made it to Dungri La, fellow BCMTian and adventure motorcycle tourer, Tilak Soni along with friends has managed to conquer the might Mana Pass on motorcycles!

While he is still awaiting clearance from various government agencies, before he can post his travelogue, you can see a few amazing photographs of the Mana Pass and the road leading up to it on BCMTouring.

While the BRO is working on the road to Mana Pass, it is still quite an adventurous journey, which will no doubt challenge and excite adventure motorcycle tourers in India and hopefully with government easing the permit restriction for Mana Pass in future, many more motorcycle tourers will be able to make it there.

Till then, Tilak has managed to set a new benchmark, which isn’t going to be all that easy to beat!


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