Fastest, MotoGP Documentary Review

Fastest is the third documentary in the series of documentaries based on MotoGP, which began with Faster.

Having seen both Faster and DTK earlier, I was eagerly waiting to watch the Fastest, ever since I had heard about it and that dream came true yesterday.

Fastest starts off with the epic 2009 race at Catalunya and in particular the last lap battle between Rossi and his teammate at that time, Lorenzo and is made all the more special with input from both the riders on what exactly was going on in their mind at that time.

Thereafter it sort of drifts off and although as usual tries to educate the viewer on what goes on behind the scene at MotoGP and the effort that goes into making it all, but there is no particular season or race, for which it is built up to like the earlier installments and rather focuses on the change of guard at the MotoGP.

Thankfully, they have finally stopped betting on John Hopkins and although show a lot of rookies at the time of making the documentaries, but don’t put over emphasis on them and the primary focal points remain Rossi and Lorenzo.

What follows is a delicious mixture of MotoGP race scenes, behind the stage coverage, viewpoints of various riders and experts.

And although at times it does feel that Fastest roams sort of randomly from one scene to the other, it is nonetheless thoroughly entertaining and with few if any dull moments.

Overall I would place Fastest right between Faster and DTK, while it doesn’t have a similarly solid story line and exclusivity that the Faster carried at that time, it nonetheless retains the original promise and is a must watch for MotoGP fans and those interested in motorcycling.


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