Started reinvesting in my own body!

As far back as I can remember I had never been thin and even when I got obsessed with bodybuilding and powerlifting more than a decade back, I never actually managed to say goodbye to flab. However at that time I did manage to get in a far better shape than ever before and most of all, felt strong, energetic and confident.

While in the past few years, my confidence has skyrocketed; sheer laziness combined with the leisure of working from home, while sitting in front of a computer for better part of the day has not only increased my weight significantly, but also made me weak due to muscle loss and started to haunt me in the form of regular lower back pain.

So I guess it is time for me to start reinvesting in myself and my body, which I had been ignoring for a while.

My goal is quite modest as of now; I would like to get back in the same shape I was in around 13 years ago (a goal I hope to revise later down the road) and that means not only cutting a lot of flab, but also gaining back the muscles I have lost over the years.

So for past couple of weeks I had been doing dumbbell curls and shoulder presses to get used to weight training once again and have now come up with a beginner exercise regime and started working out accordingly for the past couple of days.

Here is my exercise plan:

Day 1:

5 sets of pushups.
5 sets of dumbbell one arm row.
5 sets of bent over one arm triceps extension.

Day 2:

5 sets of dumbbell curls.
5 sets of shoulder presses.
5 sets of dumbbell squats.
5 sets of shoulder shrugs.

All of the above sets are done with at least 10 reps or till fail.

I haven’t deliberately added any waist or lower back exercise, since I do not want to stress my already paining lower back. Though I intend to add these, once I get some strength back in my lower back and get used to the current exercise regime.

I am also planning to clean and service the treadmill that we have, so that I can add light cardio to my exercise regime as well.

As far as supplements go, I am using EAS 100% Whey (which I have been using off and on for over a year now) to compensate for low protein content in typical vegetarian diet and taking multivitamin tablet in the form of Becadexamin every alternate day.

As far as rest of the diet goes, I have started regularly eating fruits and somewhat reduced food portions I eat and I am planning to introduce more salad and protein rich ingredients to my regular diet and have reduced the consumption of cold drink and chips significantly. Since I very rarely ate fried stuff and only sparingly ate outside, reducing fat content in the diet isn’t all that needed.

I guess now it is a matter of just sticking to the plan and ensuring that after a few weeks, somewhat more strenuous exercises are introduced, though I am planning to stay away from gym for at least couple of years and workout at home (mainly due to convenience factor and remove the excuse of being too busy to go to gym).

Will report back in a few weeks with the progress that I have made.


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