Diet and exercise regime moving in the right direction

My diet and exercise regime seems to be moving in the right direction, as I have managed to not only lose 1 kg weight in last week, but I am also feeling more energetic and powerful.

More significantly, I have managed to lower my blood pressure by around 17 points and also lowered my resting heart beat by around 7%, which I guess would go a long way towards making my heart healthier and should lower the risk of heart disease.

Since this time I have decided to stick to normal diet and simply reduced the portion and added supplements to cover protein, vitamin and mineral deficiency in my diet, I feel little to no urge to go off my diet. But then again, it has been only 3 weeks, since I started dieting and exercising, so there is still a long way to go, before I can claim any success or feel that I have finally managed to kick my bad habits.

So far so good, will post another update after couple of weeks or so and let’s see then, whether I manage to stick to this healthier lifestyle and continue making progress.


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