Motorcycle Maintenance before Pushkar Ride

Today I got my motorcycle’s service done and also got a few essential parts replaced, before my upcoming motorcycle ride to Pushkar.

The most essential thing which was changed today was the wiring and this was the first time in almost 11 years that the wiring has been changed and since the headlight portion of it had broken twice already, I decide to err on the side of caution and get the wiring changed, once and for all, especially before the wiring of Pulsar 180 Classic stops being available.

top-1-action-motorcycle-engine-oil Apart from wiring, tappet adjustment, replacement of rear brake shoe, clutch wire, front indicator covers and engine oil were the order of the day, apart from a few other niggles and total bill came out to be Rs. 2150.

Now I need to get a battery for my bike, hopefully will be able to get it installed tomorrow along with gear shift leaver, which has become a little out of shape and lose after a recent fall.

As you can see from the side image, I got Top 1 Oil’s 20w50 Action Engine Oil filled today, it is of synthetic blend and meets JASO MA 2 and API SJ classifications.

This is the first time I heard of Top 1 Engine Oil and decided to go for it, based on my mechanic’s recommendation, especially since I hadn’t bought Motul engine oil (which I have been using regularly for almost a year now), before taking my bike for service.

Will see how this engine oil performs in a few days’ time and report back with a full review of it. For now it doesn’t looks like a bad deal for Rs. 280 a liter.

Oh yes, odometer reads 78,445km today.


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