Switched to Amaron Pro Bike Rider Motorcycle Battery

Today I finally got a 12V 9AH Amaron Pro Bike Rider Motorcycle Battery installed in my motorcycle.

Since August 2007 (over 5 years), I have been using 7AH UPS battery in my motorcycle, even though she originally came with a 9AH battery.

I mainly did that due to the fact that UPS batteries were not only way cheaper, but were also sealed. Which meant no topping up of water every few months to keep the battery going. And even though I have been fairly satisfied with the performance of the UPS battery and they managed to last fairly decent duration, I decided that it was best to just go with the 9AH battery now, since sealed motorcycle batteries are easily available in India now and have been tested by fellow riders as well and feedback has been mostly good.

amaron-pro-bike-rider-battery Coming back to Amaron Pro Bike Rider 9AH battery, I got the beta model which comes with 48 month warranty, out of which only during 24 months the battery is replaced and afterwards pro-rata discount (calculated based on month) is offered on the new battery. Will be posting long term review of the battery later on.

Also I got a new seat cover made for my bike, not really as impressed with it, as I was with the seat cover I had gotten for my bike 10 years ago when I had bought my bike, but it had to be bought because the older one had become torn due to usage and old age. Hopefully this seat cover will last for a few months, till I finally decide to get the seat remade, since it too has become a little too soft over the years.

Couple of more things tomorrow and my bike would be all set for Pushkar trip, where I know this new battery will come in really handy, for frequent starts and stops and also the horn :D.


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