Top 1 Action Motorcycle Engine Oil Review

Before my trip to Pushkar Camel Fair, I got my motorcycle’s engine oil changed to 20w50 Top 1 Action Engine Oil, based on the recommendation of my mechanic.

This was the first time I was hearing the name of Top 1 engine oil and was a little hesitant at first, but recommendation of the mechanic and the fact that it matched the grade needed for my motorcycle; I decided to give it a try.

top 1 action motorcycle engine oil Top 1 Action Motorcycle Engine Oil that I got filled in my motorcycle was synthetic blend oil with 20w50, JASO MA 2 and API SJ grade. It is supposedly made in US and imported here (Top 1 is an American company) and is priced at Rs. 280 a liter.

Prior to using Top 1 Action Oil, I was using Motul’s semi-synthetic 5100T, 15w50 engine oil.

In the past couple of weeks, I have covered 950+ km on it and the gear shifts as well as the engine were ultra-smooth. In fact gear shifts seemed a touch better than Motul and although I never really rode my bike faster than 90kmph during this period, she was running on the highway for extended period at 80kmph.

Oil consumption (yes my bike likes to drink oil, especially in winter) on the other hand seemed a little bit more than Motul and as far as cold starts go, there is hardly any difference at the moment. Although Delhi’s winter are yet to fully unleash their fury.

Overall Top 1 Action Engine Oil seems like really good engine oil for comparatively cheap price, which I have gotten filled again in my motorcycle, so in case I notice any discrepancies in future, I will update about it here. For now, it gets thumbs up from me.


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