Safe Express, most incompetent Courier Company!

Here is a brief and ongoing review/rant about Safe Express Courier Company that I have been facing for past few days.

On the 10th of January, I ordered a pair of dumbbells and 30KG weights from Which was shipped by the seller on the 11th of January through Safe Express and he emailed me the tracking number of it on the same day. First the tracking number didn’t work and when it did started working, it showed the shipping date as 12th January (which I guess isn’t a big deal).

Then Safe Express took couple of days to get it from Jalandhar to Delhi (once again, not a big deal), but that is when things started to turn bad. First they kept it in their primary Delhi hub for a day, then for the past 3 days, they would each day show that the package is out for delivery, only to update the status later that night to “Delivery Attempt Unsuccessful”!


On top of this, their Delhi Hub’s primary email id. d[email protected] (mentioned on their website) doesn’t work.

All the while, I am sitting at home, waiting for the package to arrive, only to be disappointed time and again! Meanwhile, Myntra has managed to deliver 2 shipments and pick 1 up, for an order placed on the 13th of January!

So once again today, “Safe Express” is out for delivery and I am not quite sure, whether or not I would actually receive my package. And I have a feeling, that in the end, they will either end up shipping it back to the seller or show it as lost. Either way, the poor seller would be out of money and I will have to file a refund request with EBay and wait to get my money back from them.

So on the whole, I can safely and confidently say, Safe Express is the most incompetent courier company out there and god bless those souls, who have to deal with them, time and time again, because at least as far as I am concerned, I am going to never use them and will ask the sellers I buy from, to not use Safe Express to ship things to me!

Ps. will update once Safe Express’s charade of “attempting to deliver” is well and truly over!

Update: I never did get a call back from Safe Express Customer Support, however, thankfully I did receive the package later in the afternoon. Not sure I am the one off case or it is a regular feature with Safe Express, but any how, I am happy that the package finally made it to me.


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