Why I stopped using Twitter on mobile

Let me be fairly honest at the onset, I have never been an avid user of Twitter and it wasn’t until I bought Galaxy Grand Phablet, that I once again begun using Twitter regularly.

With the recent update to its Twitter Android App, Twitter has removed any visible way of switching between accounts or for that matter, change settings. While this was unsettling to say the least, since I have multiple Twitter accounts, I still kept using Twitter on my mobile phone, since it at least defaulted to my personal account.

However when I decided to share a story last night about monkeys making better trades than fund managers, Twitter sent that tweet out through the official BCMTouring Twitter account!

This is not only annoying and embarrassing, but also resulted in a personally liked story being shared through the official account, which in my view is unacceptable. Add to that, now my BCMTouring account has become the default account on the Android App, which in any case means I cannot tweet from my personal account, which I use a lot more frequently.

So as of today, I am going to stop using Twitter on my mobile phone, till Twitter actually wakes up and fixes this issue. Which I am sure, is annoying for other Twitter users as well. And in case you too like me have multiple twitter account, then be very careful of sharing stories from Twitter, because you never know, which account it is going to use to send the tweet out!


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