Humayun’s Tomb

Yesterday I went to Hunayun’s Tomb, a monument I visited on couple of occasions earlier and fell in love with the peace, tranquility and of course, great photography opportunities it offers.

Even though I arrived there before the ticket seller had arrived, security guards present there, allowed me to go inside and start my photography ASAP, in order to take full advantage of the morning light.

And the results I got were simply fantastic, thanks to the wonderful, soft and directional light of the rising sun. Which allowed to me to create some of the most memorable photographs of my life, few of which I am sharing below. While the rest will get posted in the coming days.

This photograph of a few old friends and morning walkers, sitting and chatting in front of Humayun’s Tomb came out to be better than what I had expected it to be. (Click the images to view them in higher resolution)






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