Ladakh Hotel and Taxi costs

Budget allocation is an integral and important aspect of planning for a trip, especially one which is as important and long in duration as a trip to Ladakh.

So here are a few important resources to help you plan your Ladakh trip in 2013:

First off is an exhaustive list of Hotels and Guest Houses in Ladakh, along with tariff applicable on different hotels and guest houses.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Ladakh

2013-14 Tariffs for Hotels and Guest Houses in Ladakh

Next up is the cost of travel in and to Ladakh, in the form of Official Tariff List of Leh Taxi Union.

2013-14 Leh Taxi Union Rate Chart

And in case you are looking for a travel agent to make all the arrangements in Ladakh or are hoping to secure Inner Line or Protected Area Permit in Advance, here is a list of registered travel agents in Ladakh:

List of Travel Agents in Ladakh

Of course these rate charts should only be taken as reference points, since the amount you end up paying in the end, depends mostly on the time of year you are traveling in and also to some extent, your bargaining skills and the deal you are getting. And do remember, it is often the people you meet and travel with, not the discount that you remember a few years down the line.

Rigzin (our driver), Rahul and I on the Srinagar – Leh Highway in December 2012



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