Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb

In my earlier two visits to Humayun’s Tomb over a 3 year period, Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb was closed for repair. However this time around, it was reopened for public and it was good to see all the wonderful work done by ASI and Aga Khan Foundation had managed to restore the tomb to its former glory.

Isa Khan Niazi was an Afghan noble in Sher Shah Suri’s court and lived from 1453AD to 1548AD and was made Governor of Multan by Sher Shah Suri, in recognition of his bravery in Great War of Haybat Khan.

Isa Khan’s tomb was built in 1547-1548AD, much earlier than Humayun’s Tomb, which was constructed between 1562-1571AD.

Here are a few photographs of Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb, which I took on Sunday morning and even though sun by that time had come out in full force, thanks to clouds, lighting conditions were still somewhat alright.


isa khan niazi tomb

Inside Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb


Nishant reviewing photographs in the garden of Isa Khan’s Tomb, with the gate to the tomb visible in the background.

nishant at isa khan niazi tomb

Since Isa Khan’s Tomb is now part of gardens/lawns of Humayun’s Tomb, one only needs to purchase ticket for Humayun’s Tomb (Rs. 10 for Indian Nationals and Rs. 250 in case of foreigners) and then one can visit Humayun’s Tomb as well as ruins of Arab Ki Sarai and Isa Khan’s Tomb.


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