DSLR Tankbag for Bikers

As a motorcycle tourer who loves photography, carrying my precious photography gear while riding is not only inconvenient, but it is also a time consuming affair, when it comes to taking photographs en route.

Ever since I bought my DSLR, I had been planning to get custom inserts or a small bag that can be put inside the regular tankbags, in order to carry my camera gear with ease. However thanks to the fact that most tankbags available in India have strong magnets, I have been a little hesitant in trying it out.

So when couple of months ago Payeng from ViaTerra Gear told me about the DSLR tank bag they were designing, I was happy to say the least and was eagerly waiting for it to be unveiled. Today ViaTerra has finally announced their DSLR Tankbag, Fly. And even though it would be a while before I get my hands on this and review it, I couldn’t help but share its product photographs here.

ViaTerra Fly DSLR Tankbag





  • Styrofoam Padding – to isolate camera equipment from vibration/jolts
  • Elastic Loops & Zipped Pockets – to prevent camera equipment from bouncing around
  • Mounting Straps – compatible on all kind of tank surfaces
  • Concealed Compartment – straps can be tucked/zipped away in the bag when not in use
  • Convertible into a Tankbag, Tailbag & Backpack

Overall it looks like a very promising product, one which is likely to appeal to photogs like me, rest I will only be able to tell, once I get the review unit :).


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