Bryan F Peterson, the art of seeing

Yesterday evening, after attending Nikon’s Power Your Clicks seminar, I went to India Habitat Center to attend Bryan F. Peterson’s free workshop, which was organized by Shahid Hashmi.

As luck would have it, I ran into Bryan in the lobby itself and had the pleasure of not only meeting him in person, but also shaking the hand of this fantastic photographer, who happens to be the author of several excellent photography books.


Bryan not only happens to be a fantastic photographer and teacher, but a fantastic speaker as well, who knows how to engage the audience in a humorous manner, while sharing anecdotes from his vast experience and teaching us the “art of seeing”.


It was great to see Bryan not only sharing some of his fantastic photography work with us, but also the thought process that went into creating those fabulous images. In fact that conceptualization aspect of photography was something I really enjoyed the most and I guess, learned the most from.

In fact, a recent video he created for Adorama TV showcases it aptly, yet pales in comparison to what we saw and learned in Bryan’s free workshop.

Shahid Hashmi and Bryan F. Peterson


Overall it was quite an informative and fun session, which all of the participants enjoyed quite a bit.

As for me, well I was only too happy to have gotten the chance to not only attend two photography workshops in a single day, but also meet and learn from the two senior photographers I admire and respect. Add to that, I also ran into several BCMTians and fellow photogs, I hadn’t met in a while, so it was a pleasant surprise as well :).


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