I recently ordered a 2.5” portable 1TB USB HDD from and Bluedart just delivered the HDD to me, less than 48 hours after I had placed the order (around 40 hours to be precise).

While Croma is a large electronic retail chain in India and is owned by Tata Group and there is one located less than one and a half kilometer from my home, however I have only purchased Windows 7 and a few games from them, before buying this HDD (mostly due to convenience of online shopping and comparatively lower price elsewhere).

However all that changed couple of days back, when I received a promotional email from HDFC, mentioning good discount on products at and I checked it out and saw that they were selling 1TB Buffalo 2.5” portable HDD for Rs. 3,999.

It was the cheapest 2.5” portable HDD that I could find online and even cost2cost pricelist mentioned comparable HDD at a higher price. Best thing of course was the fact that the HDD came with USB 3 and 3 year warranty.

1-tb-buffalo-2-5-portable-HDD So I decided to go ahead and order it and the whole process was quite decent and smooth, comparable to other good online retailers in India. Add to that, I received the HDD in 40hours and that too when the order was placed at night! Hard drive itself was very well packed and was delivered by Bluedart. Best thing was, less than 45 minutes later I received an email from Cromaretail, mentioning that the package had been delivered!

Now considering the fact that Croma is using a third party courier company for delivery, this is superb management and shipment tracking on their part and goes to show, how much they value their business and customer satisfaction.

Overall, I am quite happy with the experience and would likely be ordering from them again and have no qualms about recommending them to others.


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