Humayun’s and Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb

This Sunday, I went to Humayun’s and Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb for photography, along with Anubhav and Peeyush.

Even before reaching the venue, I was cursing myself for the delays caused by a slightly late start and delays at the petrol pump, because the sunrise yesterday was absolutely fantastic and I missed out on it! Worse still, when I reached Humayun’s Tomb parking lot, I saw Anubhav and Harjeev waiting in the parking lot.

After chatting for a while, Anubhav and I decided to head to Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb and Harjeev continued with his morning cycle ride. The only solace for me was the fact that ticket seller still hadn’t arrived and even if I had arrived earlier, we would have had to wait outside the gate.

Thankfully, the ticket seller arrived soon after and we made our way to the newly renovated Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb.

However, before showing you the photograph of Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb, I would like to skip forward and showcase Humayun’s Tomb, because those photographs came out much better today :p.

Soon Peeyush joined in as well and we headed towards Humayun’s Tomb, which was looking absolutely spectacular, despite harsh sunlight.

Humayun’s Tomb (click to enlarge)

humayun tomb



A burial fit for a Mughal Emperor.


Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb


Sarcophagus of Isa Khan Niazi


I also managed to snap a portrait of a young dragon fly, who was literally posing for us for several minutes.


Overall it was quite a fun session and afterwards, Peeyush, Anubhav and I spent some time talking about travel and photograph, and also planning a few photography trips and plans for next Sunday’s photowalk to National Museum.

Hopefully that would be a fun meet as well.


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