EAS 100% Whey Protein Review

I have been using EAS 100% Whey Protein for more than couple of years, in order to help fulfill my protein requirements, without eating too many calories, hence I thought of writing a brief review of it.

Initially I chose EAS 100% Whey because it was cheaper than majority of imported protein powders and still provided high concentration of whey protein. The old blend I started with used to provide 23gms of protein in a 30g scoop with only 130 calories, 2.5gm of fat and 3gm of carbohydrate and 5270mg of BCAA. Which was great, tasted well and while expensive, wasn’t enough to break the bank.

The newer formula that is available now, provides 26gm of protein in 39gm serving size, with 150 calories, 2gm of fat and 7gm of carbohydrate. Good thing is, it now provides 6300mg of BCAA and 1630mg of Glutamine, which wasn’t available in the earlier blend. However it does have more sodium (170mg vs. 50mg) and due to 39gm serving size, it has 7 less servings per 2lb container and tastes a lot sweeter. However it is still one of the cheapest high concentration imported protein powder available in India and Glutamine is supposed to help with recovery process, so I guess it is well worth the extra expense.


EAS 100% Whey is easy to mix in water or milk, if you are using a blender and in particular, using cold water/milk. In hot milk it can get a little lumpy, if not mixed thoroughly. I haven’t yet tried mixing it in a shaker, so can’t say how well it mixes in that; however I would be receiving a shaker soon, so I will update the review at a later date with my findings. Tried mixing it in Healthkart Shaker and it mixes quite easily, in fact the shaker seems to be doing as good if not better than blender!

I generally mix 100% Whey in 230ml of toned milk, which provides me with 33gm of protein, 18gm of carbs, 9gm fat and 286 calories i.e. this shake fulfills 30-40% of my daily protein requirement in just 14.3% of my daily calorie allowance and helps me maintain muscle mass, while I try to lose excess fat.

Of course a protein powder isn’t going to help you build or retain muscles, if you aren’t excising regularly and correctly (something I am guilty of in past few months) and EAS Whey is no different in that regard. However I feel it helps me recover a little faster after a heavy workout, than when I do not take it and attempt to fulfill my protein requirement through normal food (extremely tough for a vegetarian like me, who only eats eggs occasionally).

Additionally, when I drink it before going to a morning photowalk, where I normally walk around carrying 6-7kg of photographic equipment for couple of hours, I do not feel hungry or lethargic for at least 3-4 hours, despite having eaten nothing since dinner on the previous night, except a banana or couple of biscuits along with the protein shake.

So overall I am quite satisfied with the price, value and taste of EAS 100% Whey and although I am tempted to try other protein powders, I haven’t found a compelling enough reason to switch.


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