My favorite places to eat in Pushkar

While I am no food connoisseur, I love eating delicious food and trying out new delicacies. This is one of the reasons why I love visiting Pushkar, where delicious and affordable food is generally the norm and one gets to try out not only Rajasthani flavors, but also Israeli, Italian and Continental cuisines.

While there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Pushkar, which serve delicious food, I love three places in particular and I have sort of gotten in to a routine of visiting these places at particular time of the day and it usually goes like this:

Ganga Restaurant aka Falafel Hummus Walla: This is the place I love to visit for breakfast or during the day for a quick snack. Over the years I loved their “Falafel Hummus Chips Salad with Garlic Cheese and Olive Roll”, fruit salad and of course, falafels. While seating is limited, it is a perfect place to sit, eat and shoot unsuspecting passersby :D. Ganga Restaurant is located next to the Narsingh Ghat of Pushkar Lake.



Little Tibet Garden Restaurant in Payal Guesthouse: This is one place I love to visit for lunch. Not only does it provide you with a serene and cool atmosphere to unwind at in the hustle and bustle of Pushkar Camel Fair, it also serves delicious and freshly prepared food. While the service is on the slower side, it does give you the chance to chat with friends, rest, review the photographs you have taken and escape from afternoon heat, while waiting for the food to arrive. I love their Chilly Paneer, Falafel, Kashmiri Pulao and Sizzlers. It is located in the middle of Sadar Bazar.



Hotel Lake View Rooftop café:
Even though I have only been to Hotel Lake View’s Rooftop Café couple of times, each time I have come back impressed by the view, food and service offered by it. Overlooking the Pushkar Lake, it is a spectacular place for night photography (officially photography is prohibited) and to soak in the view of the lake, encircled by hundreds of twinkling lights. One of their pastas (if I remember it correctly, is called “Bismillah”) is simply superb (as long as you don’t need lots of salt or spices) and their pizzas are great as well. However it is the view, which really takes the cake here and the reason why, we would be holding our dinner meet there. It is located in the Sadar Bazar and I believe it is on the third or fourth floor, so be ready to climb lots of stairs.



Of course I am always on a lookout for new places to eat at and delicacies to try, so if you have any suggestions for restaurants in Pushkar, please leave a comment below and let me know. In case you have eaten at these places recently, then also please share your experience.

I would likely be reviewing a couple of other restaurants in Pushkar during my November trip and would post their reviews, once I am back.


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