Healthkart Shaker and Blender Bottle Review

I recently received my Healthkart Shaker and Blender Bottle for free with EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder, which I had ordered from Healthkart.

While I had been thinking of buying a shaker for quite some time, I was never sure which one to go for and considering the fact that they cost anywhere from Rs. 400 to 550, I was a little hesitant ordering one online, without reading a review of them on an independent site and had thus restrained from buying one till now.

Coming to the Healthkart Shaker and Blender Bottle, it is a sturdy and decent sized shaker and has markings in ml and oz and can take in a maximum of 600ml or 20oz of liquid. It also has a blender ball, which helps you mix your protein drinks.

Healthkart Shaker and Blender along with its blender ball. Size of the blender ball in the image is larger than it actually is, to make it easy to see.


While I haven’t yet tried mixing hot milk with protein powder in this shaker, This isn’t meant for hot liquid, since the bottle easily becomes soft and starts spilling warm liquid, while trying to shake it. In case of cold milk and whey protein, results are simply superb. In fact there was not a single lump of protein powder in the shake, and I only needed to shake the bottle for 10-15 seconds to achieve that result!

Healthkart Shaker is also pretty easy to clean, if you pour some water right after drinking the shake and shake it well and rinse. This makes it a perfect travel companion for people like me, who love to have protein shakes while traveling and do not wish to waste time washing and cleaning glasses/bottles after making protein shakes.

For Rs. 455, I feel Healthkart Shaker and Blender is well worth the price and from the comments I have read on Healthkart, it is actually a replica of Blender Bottle. Overall a nice product and one which I should have ordered long time back :D.


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