Amway Silicone Glaze Car Polish Review

I have been using Amway Silicone Glaze Polish on my motorcycle for past couple of years, after I found Formula 1 Wax to be a bit hard to remove from the small crevices of my motorcycle, where it would deposit itself during polishing process. Add to that, finding original Formula 1 Wax was becoming harder, with plenty of shops selling counterfeits versions of it.

amway-silicone-glaze-car-polish The best and worst thing about Amway car polish is the fact that you can buy it directly from Amway’s Marketing Agents/Business Associates and that I feel ensures that you get genuine polish. Bad thing is, these agents/associates in turn try to rope you in to become an agent as well (sort of MLM stuff), which is kind of annoying, if you are just interested in purchasing the product and not reselling it!

Coming to the polish itself, Amway claims that it is made up of a custom blend of wax and four silicones, which gives paint high gloss shine and excellent durability. In real world, while the shine is almost as good as original Formula 1, shine tends to last for slightly less duration, especially during the monsoon season or in case you wipe your bike with a wet cloth.

On the plus side, Silicone Glaze is extremely easy to apply and takes far less time to buff than wax like Formula 1. However, it isn’t as easy to apply and buff as some liquid polishes available in the market, which I do not like in any case, since I feel they do not really protect the paint.

Of course I no longer have to deal with wax getting filled in my motorcycle’s crevices, leaving those ugly yellow stains that become an eyesore in an otherwise shining motorcycle. Add to that, Amway Silicone Glaze costs Rs. 489 for a 500ml bottle, which can easily last for several years if you have a motorcycle and should be good enough for several polishes, in case of a car.

Overall it is a fine product that I feel not only keeps my bike shining, but also helps protect the paint from sun, dust and rain.


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