Why Twitter is losing dumb folks like me!

I love Twitter for the simple fact that it is cleaner and easier to use than Facebook, yet in comparison to Facebook, I use quite a bit less.

twitter While in part it is due to the fact that I have more friends on Facebook (1740+) than I have followers on Twitter (330+), it is mostly due to the fact that 140 character limit is just too less for a simpleton like me, especially one who hates and is intellectually incapable of using SMS/chat lingo.

Due to this, I would post a status update on Facebook like this, “All the idiots who honk continuously in a jam, demand to be given way in the middle lane, try to bully other off the road and jaywalk across a busy street should be fair game”, then try for the next 10 minutes to somehow squeeze it into 140 character limit, only to lose out and move on!

I guess this is due to my inability to express myself in brief, however sooner or later, Twitter has to understand and start paying heed to dumb folks like me and maybe bump up the character limit to 180, which I feel would be a lot more manageable and yet, still short enough for Twitter to not lose its touch.

In the meanwhile, if you are an avid Twitter user and aren’t in same dilemma as me, please let me know a few tips to stay under that 140 character limit and yet express myself, without resorting to SMS lingo, which takes more time to understand, than it takes to write!


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