Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2013

Even though yesterday was a cold and foggy day in Delhi, its streets were buzzing with activity, as thousands of people came out to participate in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Great Delhi Run 2013.

People young and old, Indians and foreigners, professionals and first time runners, all were in attendance for what can only be described as Delhi’s largest sporting event (based on number of participants).

Even though I didn’t participate in Half Marathon or Great Delhi Run, I was there to photograph this gala event and encourage those, who were participating in it and I am glad that I went there, since I came back with wonderful memories and memory cards full of lovely portraits.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon started off with Men Elite division; sadly the leading pack was mostly made up of runners from Kenya, with Indian runners quite a bit behind.

airtel delhi half marathon men elite

Things weren’t all that different, when it came to Women Elite Division.

airtel delhi half marathon women elite

Thankfully, Indian Women Elite team wasn’t trailing too far behind the leading group.

airtel delhi half marathon indian women elite

After elite category, it was time for runners from corporate half marathon category to make their presence felt.

corporate team


Actor, screenwriter, director and social activist, Rahul Bose was also participating in Airtel Half Marathon and I managed to spot him, just in time.


After corporate category, it was time for individual marathon runners, and this category saw the maximum participation.




With Half Marathon Runners running away to glory, the wait began for participants of Great Delhi Run and Senior Citizen Run. And for what seemed like an eternity, there was no one on the road, except a few cops, event officials and joggers. However this was the calm before the storm, since both these categories not only had maximum participation, but also most diversity.





Some were even running for a cause.


While others were just having a great time and even posed for a photo.



I will be uploading more images from Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Great Delhi Run 2013 on the following thread on BCMTouring, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2013.

For the photogs, I was shooting in Shutter Priority mode with Canon 60D and 55-250IS lens, EXIF is embedded in the images, so you can check it out if you want.

If you are in a photograph above, and would like to have a free higher resolution copy of it, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


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