Best time to visit Ladakh

If you are planning to travel to Ladakh and are wondering, what is the best month to travel there? Then fear not, you are not alone. Many first time and even veteran Ladakh travelers often wonder the same, since bad weather and road conditions can play havoc with your travel plans and no one wants that.

Best time to visit Ladakh is from July to mid-September, though each of these months offers something unique to travelers, which I have explained in detail in this blogpost.

Traveling to Ladakh in July

Benefit of traveling to Ladakh in July is that even though in the first couple of weeks, you can still see snow at Rohtang Jot and Baralacha La. Roads are in much better condition than they were in June. Add to that, temperature in Leh as well as other parts of Ladakh and Zanskar is a lot warmer and comfortable than what it was earlier in the season.


Rohtang Jot

Traveling to Ladakh in August

August is traditionally considered as the best month to visit Ladakh, since summer is at its peak and roads are generally in good condition. Add to that, most of the farms around Leh, Nubra Valley, Srinagar – Leh Highway and Suru and Zanskar Valley are full of produce, thus providing a nice contrast between the arid mountains and green lush fields.

There is also less chance of roads getting closed at this time of the year, barring Zoji La, Rohtang Jot and Baralacha La, which are affected by monsoon rain. Thanks to the pleasant climate in August, maximum numbers of tourists visit Ladakh at that time. So if it is peace and quiet you are after, then it is best to go a little later in the season.

Traveling to Ladakh in September

Unlike July and August, September isn’t traditionally considered as best time to visit Ladakh, since it heralds in fall season and weather starts turning cold. Moreover, high altitude passes start receiving snowfall and even Pangong Tso can experience snowfall in September. Due to this, fewer tourists visit Ladakh in September.

However for the more adventurous soul, September can be best month to visit Ladakh, since roads are at their best and there are fewer people around.

Suru and Zanskar Valleys also undergo a transformation and grass and shrubs change from green to orange and even red in colour! Orange coloured grass contrasted against the deep blue sky, arid mountains and blue water is perfect for photography. Add to that, solace you will find en route to Padum is completely unparalleled. And makes the trip even more special.


Suru Valley

Of course no one can predict what the nature has in stored next and at times severe rains and snowfall can occur due to Western Disturbance and local weather buildup. There are also occasions when bridges get damaged, and can lead to delays.

However these are more of an exception rather than a norm, and these three months remain the best time to visit Ladakh, if you are looking for comparatively good roads and weather conditions.


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