Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Review

I have been using Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for over 3 months, and I believe it is time to post its review.

I bought the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800, when my 4 year old, wired Logitech Multimedia Keyboard stopped working properly. And I decided time was ripe to move to a wireless keyboard, in order to reduce clutter of wires.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard and Mouse

Sadly, 3 months down the line, I feel I made a mistake by buying Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800.

For starter, Microsoft Wireless Mouse isn’t very precise and even buying a Steelseries QCK Mouse Pad hasn’t helped matters. In fact at times it performs better on wooden table, than it does on the mouse pad! Pointer also jumps around on its own at times, when no one is even touching the mouse!

Microsoft Wireless 800 Mouse does have better ergonomics than Logitech M235 Mouse. It also has better battery life than M235, since the two AA Duracell batteries I had put in initially, managed to last for 3 months. In comparison, single AA rechargeable battery lasts for one and a half month in Logitech M235 mouse (you can read its review here).

However, it is the Microsoft Desktop 800 wireless keyboard, which has disappointed me the most. It is always difficult to switch from one keyboard to another, however over time, you get used to its key placement. However, this isn’t the case with Desktop 800 keyboard.

Even though I type at last 5000-6000 words each day and use it daily, I am still not accustomed to its key placement. Due to this, I have to first look at the keyboard, before beginning to type. Otherwise finding the right characters is near impossible. Even after doing this, I end up getting confused between backspace, insert and delete key on a regular basis.

So if you are like me, who likes to type fast and doesn’t like to look at the keyboard while typing, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 keyboard just isn’t for you.

On the plus side, the AAA rechargeable batteries I had installed in it nearly 4 months ago, are still going strong.

Overall, I found Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 to be very poor value, if you are planning to use keyboard and mouse on a regular basis and put it to good work. At the moment I am stuck with it, though I will likely switch to something else, if and when I get the chance.


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