Down but not out

If you are a regular reader and have been wondering why I have not been blogging for more than a week and where the hell is the auto expo coverage I promised, well then first off, I would like to apologize to you.

For past couple of weeks, I have been enduring severe back pain, which got aggravated during auto expo so much, that I couldn’t even sit or sleep without pain. While I have posted some of the photographs of Auto Expo 2014 on BCMTouring and have been replying to most of the posts and queries, at this moment, it is impossible for me to do any serious blogging.

The stubborn idiot that I am, I only visited the doctor today, after painkillers stopped helping me with pain and there was virtually no improvement in my condition. Now I have been diagnosed with back spasm and hopefully the prescribed medicines will have their effect soon and I will be back to blogging by early next week or better yet, by weekend.

Till then, you can catch my small ramblings on Facebook and on BCMTouring.


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