Why I stopped updating Android Apps!

For past couple of years, I have been an avid Android user, thanks to its ease of use and robust features. However lately, Auto Update feature of Android Apps has been annoying me to no end.

playstore-app-update-options Because no matter what time of the day I pick up my Tablet or Phone, there is almost always an App update taking place. And the worst offenders seem to be Twitter, Facebook and Google, who seem hell bent on rolling out updates every other day!

Worst still, despite Twitter updating its app almost every other day, I still can’t tweet more than 140 characters and neither can I spot any visible improvements or new features.

Since Android doesn’t seem to have the sense of not updating Apps while CPU intensive full screen games are running, these stupid app updates end up affecting my Beach Buggy score as well! Now that is something I just cannot tolerate.

So I decided to get rid of this problem once and for all and changed the update setting to manual (open play store – press menu button – settings – auto update apps).

Even though I now have to manually update apps and I keep getting notification in status bar about updates being available. It is nowhere as annoying as losing a power up, because frame rate dropped due to app update.

I guess Google and other developers need to put their heads together, and stop annoying end users like me, by continuously pushing out updates. And Google in particular needs to ensure that App updates only occur when phone processor is idling, so that the user experience isn’t affected by over enthusiastic developers.


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