Flights booked for 5th trip to Ladakh

Call it spur of the moment or whatever, today I booked flight tickets for end-October trip to Leh, which is going to be my 5th trip to Ladakh.

With only 7 days in hand and traveling at the onset of winter in Ladakh, I will be going there with only one purpose in mind, photography.

There is already one sector that is neither considered adventurous and nor is it on a dedicated tour map of anyone, yet it manages to fascinate me time and time again. So this year, I am hoping and planning to capture it through my lens and give it the respect, it truly deserves.

Since the time of year I am traveling at is considered bad by many (end of summer, bitter cold and yet little to no snow), I am hoping that I would be the only tourist around. This hopefully should work well for photography, though I am not 100% certain.


End goal of the trip would be to come back with at least 2 good photographs of Ladakh, which I can proudly frame and hang on the wall of my home, and hopefully a gallery someday. Not sure if I am going to succeed in that or not, however I am going to try my level best.

Funnily enough, even with 6 months to go for this trip, I am feeling more nervous than ever before. And that too for a trip, which at least on paper and in the eyes of most, is going to be my most boring trip to Ladakh.


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