Switched to Airtel Broadband

Thanks to MTNL hijacking my browsing session in order to serve popups, I decided to finally dump MTNL DSL connection after 7 years and switched over to Airtel Broadband (DSL) connection.

Even though I didn’t had a good experience when I attempted to switch over to Airtel last year, I decided to bite the bullet again, this time opting for their Rs. 2099/month plan, which provides 4mbps download speed with 80GB FUP (512kbps beyond 80GB).

Thankfully, this time around I am getting close to the advertised speed, both with Indian test server and international ones i.e. I am getting the speed that I am paying (unlike in their 8mbps plan).


I am now also able to stream and watch 720p YouTube videos without any buffering or delays, something which was near impossible to do with my MTNL broadband connection. In fact with MTNL I was forced to use YouTube Video downloaders, because it couldn’t even stream content at 480p and YouTube wouldn’t let me buffer the full video.

This time around, I also got a free Wi-Fi router and Rs. 500 cashback, because I chose to book the connection online. However the caveat here is that I will need to return their router, if I cancel my connection in less than 1 year.

I am also getting Rs. 1000 worth of free calls every month, although unlike MTNL, Airtel does not provides any phone along with the connection. So I will need to buy one soon, if I hope to use their phone services.

While I will end up paying almost double now (since I also need to keep my MTNL no.) for phone and internet services, I am glad that my headaches are finally over. And while the FUP is something that is going to play spoilsport with such a fast connection, I guess this is something I have to learn to live with.

As for MTNL, while I am glad that they are no longer hijacking sessions (likely due to widespread complaints), I cannot imagine using an ISP, who would stoop to that level. And I decided to convey the same to them, not only through email I sent to all their senior officers, but also by voting with my money!

Hoping that Airtel Broadband will treat me better.


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