April 2014 Fitness Diary

Ever since my back pain took a turn for worse in February, I have been paying extra importance to my health and attempting to exercise regularly. Then last month I went ahead and booked flight tickets for Leh in October.

Since then, physical and in particular cardiovascular fitness has become a top priority for me. I want to be in best physical shape possible for this trip, due to what I want to achieve from it.

With this in mind, I decided to up the notch last month and set a goal of walking for 60 minutes each day (in 3 splits). As you can see in the chart below, initially I wasn’t really able to do it and at times not even stick to schedule. But eventually I decided to give up laziness and get stricter.


While I had been working out with my dad’s bullworker (over 50 years old) since mid-March, I also decided to incorporate weight training into my exercise regime around mid-April.

So my workout schedule looked like this in April:

Walk: Daily, 30 minutes in morning, 15 minute before workout and 15 minutes after workout.

Bullworker: Daily

Weight training: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Results so far have been promising, and I have lost 2.5kg since 19th April and 1.5” of fat from waist! More significantly, I now feel a lot stronger than earlier and have been able to gradually increase weights and number of exercises.

Even more importantly, I can now do stiff leg deadlift (something I wouldn’t think about a month back) with around 30kg of weight for 10reps and 5 sets. In third week of April, I had begun doing stiff leg deadlifts with just 12-13kg of weight. While this is nowhere what I used to do few years ago, it is significant progress for someone who couldn’t even bend down without experiencing pain, just couple of months ago!

I have also been experimenting with my diet and since I am still in muscle recovery and strength building mode, I am in no mood to cut back drastically on calories. Instead I have been focusing on limiting my carb intake to around 200-225gms per day (especially for past one week or so), while ensuring I am consuming enough protein and fat to help increase my muscle mass and strength.

I have been successful in reducing my carb intake, due to the fact that I am no longer eating rotis or rice in breakfast and dinner, instead I now eat 40gm Oats with a serving of salad and 2-3 eggs both times. I stick to eating chapatis for lunch, since I exercise in afternoon and feel like replenishing carbs at that point.

Plan for May: This month I plan to start doing weight training 6 days a week. Because with the increasing number of exercises, yesterday’s weight training and bullworker workout lasted for around 80 minutes and by the end of it, I was so exhausted, that I had to cut short my walk to 7 minutes, instead of usual 15 minutes.

I would also keep focusing on keeping my carb intake under check and focus on incorporating more fibers, fats and protein into my diet.

I will report back on the first Saturday of June with my results, since I take measurements and check progress every Saturday morning.


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